‘We  have – at last – a much needed new resource for practitioners in the field of adult social care law … this is a text for inexperienced as well as experienced practitioners… an invaluable summary of the legislative context … a huge range of topics … The book exudes learning based on practical experience in the day to day work of a legal practitioner  in this field …  This is likely to become  one of ‘must have’ texts for community care practitioners.’

Karen Ashton, Elder Law Journal


‘By adding the extracts from key legislation and guidance to the case summaries, together with succinct overviews of the provisions, he has managed to pull together an incredibly useful resource for anyone practising in the area.  Across 29 chapters, covering the gamut of adult social care from ‘asylum seekers and overseas nationals’ to  ‘strategy, policy and changes’ he has provided the relevant materials, and the relevant judicial commentaries upon those materials…the author has provided the relevant materials to allow safe navigation through the ever more complex and choppy waters of this area … Throughout the book, the fruits of careful editorial decisions shine through and reflect Stephen Knafler’s huge expertise in the area.’

Alex Ruck Keene, Mental Capacity Law and Policy. (See full review here )


‘[This] is an excellent book  … whilst good for people coming new to the subject is also of use to seasoned  practitioners. Someone with a basic grasp could spend a day with a chapter in this book and come over almost expert on the subject … I particularly like the way that it sets out clear lines about powers and duties and governance issues,  particularly in respect of  LAs … The chapter on consultation is so valuable to me … For most LAs the book would be worth buying for that  subject alone.’

Local authority solicitor


Superb advice of the very highest  standard covering adult social care law at a time of great change.

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